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How to make $10 a day with Neobux & Clixsense

How to make $10 a day with Neobux & Clixsense !

How to make $10 a day with Neobux & Clixsense?

There are many opportunities to earn money online with sites like Neobux and Clixsense. Many people doesn’t know how to make even $10 with these websites. Well if you are reading this, i’m assuming that you making a few cents to few dollars everyday. Only few people are making 3 digits everyday on these sites after investing thousands of dollars. But today i’ll show you how to make $10 a day with and without investment.

hundred dollars a day

With Investment:

  1. Advertise your website and sell your products, it could be ebook, ecommerce products, affiliate products or anything. You cannot get cheaper traffic from any other websites on regular basis.
  2. Advertise your affiliate link and get direct referrals, you can always advertise your link but I won’t recommend you to directly advertise your link. I advertise direct links and barely got any results. It took me about a year to realize that these website pages don’t give enough information to the newbies to join the program. So I decided to make a tutorial website and advertise my website link instead.

Neobux users: First go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Similarly for clixsense: Go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Without Investment:

  1. Mini jobs or Tasks, online surveys and most importantly offers, these are the best offersways to make $10 a day. Both mini jobs and tasks are same thing on neobux and clixsense respectively. These are powered by crowflower a reputed online jobs company. If you able to complete maximum tasks in clixsense and remain top task worker of the week then you will get $50 as commision from clixsense.
  2. Offers: I think Offers and surveys on Clixsense are one of the most easiest and fastest way to make $10 a day. I get around $2 on average in commissions from my referrals on Clixsense. This means they are making $20 a day with offers. If they can do it you can also do it. Unfortunately only few countries have all the offers but most the countries get offers regularly.
  3. If you planning to get direct referrals and make $10 with them daily then its not impossible but its not easy either. First you will need a golden membership and golden pack to get $0.04 from each referral and then you will need 250 active direct referrals to make $10 a day.

If you wondering why we didn’t mentioned rented referrals in the list ?

Simply because we don’t consider it as a way to make money in Neobux. We all knows that those rented referrals are sketchy. Rented referrals average goes down immediately after buying the golden membership. Its is very suspicious and arguable subject to discuss. Some people are making quit a few dollars with rented referrals. However, many people complaint about rented referrals activity going down after the purchase of golden membership. This happened with many people and i’m one of the them who personally experienced it.



  1. I have down loaded the free direct referrals zip file, but it can not be extracted, the message is can not be extracted

  2. Hello Admin, I am new to clix-sense and i am under standard account and i have been spending much time clix-sense but only making few cents in my balanced account . I read your article on becoming a free premium member but unfortunately i have a sponsor and i can’t access your article because i have a sponsor . I want to quite clixsense because im not making enough money after weeks of sign up. Please any help for me?

    1. Hello, you can ask clixsense if you can delete your account and create a new one under our downline. However we are having some many requests these days more than 200 people are waiting to become premium in my downline.

  3. What other website that can only viewing advertising than taking offer, task and other question job because I’m getting bored with those things.

  4. Hello admin, I do all steps on clixsense what you tell on your article (How to become a free premium member) and now I want to know when you are going to make me a premium member on clixsense? Help me please..

    1. Hello Sanjeewmak, we received more than 300 requests we only made 26 premium members so far. We will make one premium member everytime we get $15 in our account…


  5. You didn’t tell us that, now you are my sponsor and i have to wait untill you have money to make me premium? If you are not making me premium just stop being my sponsor, dont need that thanks.

  6. Hi
    I tested it with a real online job to get referrals for clixsense but real online job site said to pay a one time fee. Is that right? I have a very tight budget now And this time I don’t accept to pay anyone a have a real online job

  7. Hello, You have posted some useful information but I can see how it can be frustrating! I have been a clixsense member for a few months and clicking all the daily ads! So far I’ve earned 43 cents! I waste a lot of time trying the surveys and do not qualify for 98% of them after wasting time on the prescreen?

    The Ads pay 0.0005 to .002 on average so after clicking say 100 ads I earn maybe 5 or 10 cents? Seems like a waste of time considering you have to stay on the page to get credit? I read further into the membership and on average if you clicked all the ads everyday you can make $17 a year! Wow that will sure help pay the rent.

    1. hello,
      I can totally understand what you are saying. There are only 1% people making decent money with PTC and those are the people who gets direct referrals by advertising their links on several networks. You can only make good amount of money if you get direct referrals on daily basis.

  8. hi admin
    my problem i’m from algeria and in my country neobux and Clixsense give us a few of the offer and tasks and almost don’t give
    any way to earn from this site ?
    even the way wich you did put it about get referal from sms l never could get it because i couldn’t send sms to user from clickindia) because no site valid for sending messages from it

    1. Hello Khaled,
      The best way to send sms’s is by using 160by2 or way2sms i don’t know what other free ways to send sms’s. This method is good for indians. I think you should try to get referrals from facebook . We have posted how to get referrals from facebook on our website.

  9. assalam-o-alaikum. my problem is that i can’t do tasks and offers on clixsense because they do not allow/open in Pakistan . plzzzzzzzzzzz help me to solve this problem.

    1. waalikumassalam, if you can’t see any tasks or offers then there must be a problem. i think you should contact clixsense admin by sending a support ticket.

  10. Hello, I am clixsens and neobux member from last 20 days and reguraly watching all ads given by them..but till now I could make only 1.0620$ on clixsens and 0.093$ on neobux. Plz help..I dont have much friends on fb so posting link der will not work fe as I have only 6 friends on facebook. I am freelancer as a profession. Plz advise me how to get dirct referrals. I want to start my own website plz suggest me from where I can have it and how much it will cost.

    1. hello sana, you don’t need friends to post on fb. just like new pages and post your clixsnese link in the comments or just use and post it. this link will ack as your website and it willg et you referrals easily..

    1. you can do tasks and upgrade your account to get some surverys. Also get in touch with the admin about your issues by sending a support ticket to clixsense

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