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How I made about $750 with just 10 direct referrals in clixsense

Many people been asking how i’m making money with my referrals and whats the source of my referrals. Most of the people were complaining about their referrals being in active. Having hundreds and thousands of referrals might be helpful in making some extra. However, inactive referrals won’t help much. To better explain you what active referrals are worth. Let me show you 10 active referrals of mine and earnings made by them.

clixsense referrals

So, basically I have made about $750 with only 10 referrals of mine over less than a year. If you are serious about making money with clixsense just focus on getting active referrals who can do tasks, complete offers and view ads regularly.

Getting active direct referrals is one of the difficult task in any PTC site. If getting direct referrals is not your cup of tea. Then there are other ways of making money with clixsense. You can make about $5-$10 a day with clixsense by following these steps click here

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