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How to sell Amazon products on your website

How to sell Amazon products on your website?

Have you ever wondered of starting your own business (store) but couldn’t able to because you neither have the $100,000 nor enough time

and information to start investing in the business. Guess what, you can now start your business online by selling amazon products without having to worry about your own store.

Today, i’m going to walk you through step by step process about how you can sell Amazon products by using Amazon affiliate program.

How does it work ?

The procedure is pretty simple to understand. You bring people to amazon’s website, once they make the purchase using your link you will get a commission.

Now you might be wondering how exactly you can do this and much you can make with this program?

Well, for instance lets say the person you referred to amazon bought a beats headphones from amazon’s website, then you will get 6% flat commission on the sale. This commission rate of 6% varies for different products. Here’s the list of products that you can sell with the percentage of commission.

How to sell Amazon products on your website

Now you must be thinking of selling the products with maximum percentage to make more money. Well, if you want to make more money you don’t have to sell the products with more percentage. If you sell more number of products with low percentage then amazon will increase your percentage depending upon the number of sales you make in a month. Here’s the list of increased commissions based on the volume of sales.

How to sell Amazon products on your website

Now there’s no limit on how many sales you can make, you can do unlimited sales. There are people who made millions of dollars with this program. (sell amazon products on my website)

Lets get started with the step by step guide about how to make money with Amazon.

If you are feeling lazy to ready all the steps, watch the video at the bottom of this page.

How to sell Amazon products on your website

Step 1: Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program Click Here

Step 2: Once you signed up for the Amazon Associates affiliate program, login to your account.

Step 3: After login you will see a page which looks similar to this depending upon your country location. amazon associates

Step 4: Now decide which product do you want to sell. In this example lets see how to sell “shoe”.

Step 5: Search for “best seller shoe on amazon” on google and you will see best selling shoes. Choose the one with higher associates

Step 6: Once you decided on which product you want to promote click on the product and get the unique affiliate link. amazon affiliate program

Step 7: Once you get this link you can promote it any where you want. Example: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, your website etc,.

Note: The Best way to sell these products is by creating your own website. Click here to watch our Free How to create a website in less than 15 minutes course.

Important: If the person you referring to amazon came on shoe page but bought something else, then you will get commission on what ever the purchase he made. You don’t have to worry if he/she buying something you didn’t promote. This is called upsales and its amazing feature in amazon affiliate marketing.

Payments: Once you have over $100 in your Amazon associates account as sales commissions. You will get pay check from amazon via mail to your address. These payments are released after 60 days because amazon purchases are subjected to return policies. For example you made $1200 in the month of January, then you will get $1200 check in the end of March.

How to sell Amazon products on your website

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  1. Thanks for the info and guidance you gave, tomorrow I will try to make it, hopefully I can make. But I want to ask, if you later get a commission if I could have asked to be paid / transferred to paypal only? Because I had been an affiliate of MarketHealth and get a commission in the form of a $ 50 check, but after I melted into my local bank (Bank Mandiri) are not willing to pay.

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