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How To Get Referrals in Neobux and Clixsense

How to get referrals in neobux and clixsense

How to get referrals, Today you will know the secret of how to get Referrals in any type of affiliate programs such as PTC sites Neobux, Clixsense, GPT sites, Online Marketing, Hosting programs etc,.

How to get referrals? It is common that everyone wants to get direct referrals on daily basis to maximize their earnings with affiliate programs. Because of this there is a huge competition in the this market. There are people who spends 100’s of dollars to get few direct referrals everyday which is not worth because those handful of referrals aren’t gonna make you 100 dollars.

The question is how to get referrals which can generate profits? On daily basis I get this question from tons of people specially from Neobux and Clixsense users. These are the two most popular and best ptc sites in the business for more than 7 years. I personally been members of many PTC sites but these are the only two sites which are legit and reliable in future.

I’m using these sites for more than 5 years and during this course of time I came across more than 50 methods to promote my affiliate link. When I used to promote my link, I lost my money most of the times and didn’t receive any referrals. But on the other hand I got more than 100 direct referrals in less than 24 hours. The maximum amount of referrals I got in one day was around 170. Lets quickly take a look at my account.

how to get referrals in neobux

As you can see I managed to get 130 referrals in Neobux and about 82 referrals in Clixsense in less than 24 hours.

How to get direct referralshow to get referralsHow to get direct referrals


There are basically 2 ways to promote your link to get enormous number of free direct referrals:

  1. Free Method (watch the video below)
  2. Paid by Advertising Method (buy direct referrals for neobux and clixsense)

NOTE: For Neobux use  & for Clixsense use

As you can see I managed to get 130 referrals in Neobux and about 82 referrals in Clixsense in lessthan 24 hours. The methods that i used to get this many referrals are mentioned in the ebook (course). Download Clixsense, Neobux Direct Referral course down below for FREE. (how to get referrals)


  1. Hello. I have a page on NEOBUX … I have a question. When I connect to the site – turn off my NEOBUX my site?

  2. My name is Ailson, thanks pelo ebook.
    I will make the best use of it possible.

    Ailson Brasil – São Paulo
    Date: 09/02/2016 – Tuesday

  3. Hola lo siento pero ya estoy registrata en las 2 páginas
    ¿Qué tengo hacer?
    Dios les bendiga y suerte sus Negocios

  4. Putting my referral name at the end of the “clickpack” website doesnt work…
    It still shows your username instead “yaseen889” on the button.

    And it only “half works” with the
    If i attach my name, the join button will show my name …. however if i naviagate away from the page, say …click the FAQ’s page, payment proof.. any of them, then go back to the main homepage…

    the join button reverts back to YOUR referral link again automatically ….which is very strange. with ?rh=79617365656E383839 – which im assuming is you, cause it wasnt mine.

    Also it doesnt seem to work whatsoever at all, in internet explorer, it always show your referral link on the URL reguardless if i delete all the browser history and cookies, and try revisiting the site with my referral on the end of the URL …it still keeps showing yours instead…

    1. Hello mike,
      Thanks for reporting the problem with we are working on it to fix it.
      However you can use for time being.
      Also if the visitor navigate to other pages the link will be changed because the pages are liked within the website we can’t do anything about that.
      We tried our best to help people get direct referrals by using our websites.


      1. Oh that”s kind of a bummer, but i see..
        What about all the other links on the page ? I notice all the others on the page all show your name yaseen. So this really only works …if a person was to click the button at the top, not any of the other links ??

        I’m not trying to act like im getting bad impressions from this all, not at all. I just was only curious that’s all.

          1. Ah okay i see, got it.
            I just saw your revised video yesterday. And was going to give that site a try to advertise “real online” on …but when i came to a “enter credit card” screen….it stopped me dead in my tracks. 🙁 — i only prefer to use paypal, i dont want use a credit card. 🙁

            So i sent a email to the support team of that mylikes site, asking if i may be allowed to send them a 20 dollar payment via paypal …hoping they will send me an email back, if i’d be able to.

  5. Hello dear, I have already clixsense account with sponsor. Please tell me about neobux. I want signup neobux, please give me your link.


  6. I have 1 more question, although i would have prefer to ask privately instead of here. I wanted to try the “buy advertising at facebook” — but before i would … i’ve never actually personally used facebook in my life before. I do read and go there once in awhile to look at stuff, but i mean, i’ve never signed up with my own facebook account ever before because i wasn’t ever interested in it.

    So my question is, would i still be able to do the 5 dollars advertising to get results as i saw in your video ?? or do i HAVE to literally have 100 likes/friends on facebook before ever starting such a thing ….even though i’ve never personally used facebook before ?? 🙁

    1. Facebook is no more approving such ads… We are working on new ways to get direct referrals we will soon sent to all the subscribers via email.

  7. *sorry for another message, i cant edit my previous one* – i noticed by the way, your first site “earn money online” is banned from facebook. (it gives a “our security system detected a violation, please try a different website” message) but the 2nd one, clickpack is fine, however that one doesnt work properly as i mentioned before.

    1. hello mike, we received same complaints from many people. We are woking on posting a new ways of getting direct referrals. Stay tuned we will soon post it here..

  8. Hola buenas tardes descargue su curso pero esta en ingles todo hasta los videos y no hablo ingles que se debe hacer ?
    otra pregunta yo ya tengo neobux y clixsense hace 2 meses segun leo en comentarios no me serviría su curso ya que tengo estas cuentas registradas ?

  9. Скачал себе курс, спасибо! Буду изучать если что то там разберу.

  10. Hi I already have an upline in my clixsense. Is it possible to change it since I don’t know my upline and his not supporting me to get premium membership. I am very active in clixsense

  11. E
    Me suscribi para recibir esta in formacion, pero la recibo en ingles y yo hablo español. e ir al traductos de google es muy engorroso,porque no traduce bien y lo deberia hacer por partes. Pueden enviarme lo mismo en español?
    Muchas gracias!!!!

  12. May i be able to talk to you via email, instead of here, about the “mylikes” site ??
    I dont feel comfortable sharing my details to the public here in front of everyone. I’m not really having much luck with it at all, so far currently since i put on the “real online job” site, and im not sure if i’m doing something wrong exactly.

    I’ve put it in “paused” status, until i can have a chance to talk to you if possible.

  13. I am premier member at Cixsene.I do not have any refferal.Please guide me how I boost my earning.
    Thanks & Regards
    Dinesh Parikh

  14. thank you dear for this free course i hope it will help me because from now i haven’t even one referral. on clixsense and neobux .

  15. hello, admin
    i am already a member on neobux & clixsense again since 4-5 days.
    so i want to know how to get direct referrals.
    i already had bitter experience long long time ago with neobux of buying golden membeship
    without enough rented referrals.
    other problem rented referrals don’t click ads daily.
    i came on neobux & clixsense again after long time.
    & i don’t do tasks & offers.
    if you tell me how to get direct referrals it will be great help for me.

    1. Hello akil, Never fall for rented referrals thats not the way to making money with neobux. Its very difficult to get direct referrals these day however if you know how to create your own website and rank it on google then you can get direct referrals everyday.

  16. hello, admin
    i don’t have any idea of getting direct referrals.
    i dowanloaded the couse from your site today.
    but can you please guide me step by step.
    & any other medium of contact ? like facebook , etc ?
    i already have paypal. if it’s needed to do advertising.
    i don’t have any idea of making website.

  17. I liked your idea, but I think is too risky paying $20 to promote your site. Why not my own blog? How can I be sure I’ll get referrals for Clixsense?
    $20 is kind of too much money for a Brazilian like me. I earn this amount on Clixsense in 15-17 days.

    1. I totally agree with you Paulo, thats why we are going to offer you guys to buy direct referrals from us. Soon you will see how to buy direct referrals from us.

      Stay connected

      1. hello, admin
        so ? you forgot to reply my last comment 🙂
        any other medium of contact like facebook, etc.
        i just read you are gonna offer buy direct referrals ?
        i think that will be very good option for many people.

    2. quote “I liked your idea, but I think is too risky paying $20 to promote your site. ”
      I learned that the hard way. I did that, and didnt have any luck at all after 12 dollars, and the so called “quality score” thing they show, continually kept dropping until it turned into a red color.

      while the required “average” kept rising higher oddly, and i dont even get any clicks anymore cause they say they want my quality score thing to be at 19.8 or something heh

  18. hello, the ‘download link’ for the free course isn’t working. when clicked, it takes me to a new tab but isn’t getting downloaded. only a blank page is appearing and the page is getting loaded forever even when my WiFi signal is so strong. please tell me, is there any other way of downloading? is the link broken?

    1. Hello, If you are already under someone’s downline. The best way is to do maximum number of offers and complete checklist bonus. If you earn 2$ a day with offers you will have 17$ in a matter of 8-9 days. This is the best way of becoming premium member.

  19. Hi there,

    I just sign up for clixsense today.
    I had a suggestion to admin since clixsense is 8 level deep
    why don”t go on 8×17 matrix. which means from admin you get only 8 referrals
    then all sponsors that you have will be go under or below you (admin)
    so all of us make money. if you calculate this figure every year we make money or something
    $800,000 a year.

    thank you

  20. Dear Admin

    Hope that you are having a good day 🙂

    Do such free book feasible for old members or have to sign new one. I need the guidance on Making new referrals and how to promote links.


  21. just suggestion. please try to integrate in one website the clixsens and neobux. so only one website to promote. e.g. clickpack with clixsene on one site. or real-only jobs with neobux. how about this suggestion sir?

  22. Wonderful, what a website it is! Thhis website gives useful information to us, keep it up.

  23. Is the e-book free or not? I clicked on the image and appeared a message informing that my payment was accepted…???????? Is it free or not?

  24. HOLA ADMIN por alguna razon que desconosco asta el momento
    no puedo descargar su archivo podria por favor explicarme paso a paso por correo electronico o por facebook
    por favor

  25. I have a sponsor without my knowledge! What should I do to upgrade my standard membership to premium membership?Please help me.

    1. try to do as many offers, surveys, tasks as possible. With the earned money, you can always upgrade to premium membership..

  26. I followed your instruction (using but when I try to open advertisement link from my email there is only information: this site cannot be reached… ?

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