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How to get referrals by email/sms marketing

How to get referrals by email / sms marketing?

In the past few weeks a lot of people reached me personally and asked the same question again and again. How to get guaranteed direct referrals ? The answer to this was my secret till now, but not any more. I decided to share this because there is a lot of people looking to make money online and they want to sign up for PTC sites. I can’t get all those referrals because I don’t have all the time to do it myself.

So, Whats the secret ?

The secret is to get referrals by targeting country specific users. Let me explain you how to do this in brief. Have you ever seen the direct referrals giant sponsors on clixsense ? Yes? Then you must of have noticed that Indians are getting way more referrals any other country. How these indian people able to get so many referrals everyday.

how to get referrals     how to get referrals

This is mainly because of 2 reasons.

  1. India has more than 353 million internet users.
  2. Most of the internet users are new to internet and looking for making money online options.

How to get referrals from India?

When I was new to PTC sites I discovered an Indian classified website called (clickindia) where people can post free ads. Well, free classified ad is not a new thing because most of the classified sites are free. But this site has a special data which no other classified site had. The mobile phone number of the person who posts the ad.

How to use phone numbers to get referrals ?

Pretty damn simple, I explained the procedure in _ steps for better understanding.

Step 1: Create your own link by using if you are promoting neobux and clixsense members can use to create your link.

Neobux users: first go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Similarly for clixsense: Go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Now once you create your link, go to and shrink your link. This is very important because you will know why in the next step.

Step 2: Lets to go, select jobs in the category, hit search & then select sub category as part time work from home. Now select the option “wanted ads”.

how to get referrals

how to get referrals

how to get referrals

Step 3: Now you can see all the recent ads posted by the people who genuinely interested to do work from home jobs and wanted to some extra cash by online working. Click on each ad and Copy all these people’s phone numbers in a word file in your computer as shown below.

how to get referrals

how to get referrals

how to get referrals

Step 4: Once you grab at least 50-100 mobile numbers in your word file. Its time to make them your referrals by sending them SMS. Go to and enter the number and message as shown below and send it.

Now afreesms only allows few free sms’s a day. However, if you are from india then you can use 160by2 or way2sms. Search for ways to send free sms’s, do you research.

how to get referrals

Step 5: Similarly do it for all the mobile numbers that you have in your word file. I try daily this with 200 numbers and got 10-25 referrals. The numbers may vary everyday because many people were trying it, since all you guys knows about this now, the number may be a little low, but still you will get referrals daily for sure.

NOTE: If you use your own website the results could be much better. If you don’t know how to create your own website, click here and get our free how to create a website in 15 minutes.

Referrals by sms marketing





  1. Dear Sir
    thanks for the mail, please let me know a minimum pacage for each site like
    Neobux, Clixsence, Trafficmansoon. Etc

  2. I’m worried that i might have been banned already from the website after spending 3+ hours doing it last night…
    i do not know though…

    but i still keep getting that error message about “limit above normal” 🙁

  3. Okay i think this turned out to be a failure too… 🙁
    Well i still cant seem to ever use that website …ugh. Still always get that damn error message. I searched for other sites like you suggested in this post.. not the ones you mentioned but other ones too via google…they all are the same “please type the password you received on your mobile phone” …in india..

    I found 1 site that would let me send without needing to have a phone …but holy cow it was sooo slow i didnt like it at all. it makes you wait like over 1 minute until it actually says “message sent” it’s way too slow and fustrating. So i didnt bother after 1 try.
    And here’s my results … i only got 1 actual legitimate click by someone after going through 60-80 or more of those messages on Friday night .. and that was it…nothing more. 🙁 I attached the little “capaign” thingy to clixsense so i could seperately track if anyone from “click india” might have clicked through from your real-online-job site. I tested it before i started so the “1 click” on both of those were my own …and the 2nd click was someone from click india….but no signup.

    So i wasted all that time for nothing …ugh. 🙁

    am i just cursed with bad luck ??

  4. Oh, by the way, i forgot to mention, it seems something finally happened via the facebook stuff. I actually got 2 people just earlier this morning (saturday feb 27) I’m certain it was the facebook specifically even though i was pretty much giving up on that front.
    I couldnt believe it. 🙂 These are first ever clixsense referrals ever.

    “finally” i’ve gotten at least something this week. 🙂

    1. Hello pawel, I didn’t tried it myself since i’m in canada.
      If you tried and it didn’t work then you should try 160by2 or way2sms. Because these are the two services i used when i was in india..

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