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How to get direct referrals from Facebook for Free

How to get direct referrals from Facebook for Free

Social media: In my last direct referrals course I’ve mentioned about how to advertise on facebook to get referrals. Unfortunately, many people complaint about facebook not allowing them to advertise. I used to try this before but recently when i tried it was really not working and facebook disabled my advertising account. This is why i decided to post a free way of getting referrals from facebook. Its a bit hard but i’m sure you will see results.

Neobux users: first go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Similarly for clixsense: Go to and grab your own link. For example your user name is xyz123 then add “/?r=xyz123” to the above link and the website will act like your own.


Once you create your links go to Google and search for “online jobs facebook pages” or “earn money online facebook pages” or “work from home facebook pages” select the top pages and like them.

online jobs

earn money online

Now remember, earn money online, online jobs, work from home, all these kind of pages are just examples. Try to think outside of the box and search for pages with huge number of fans and young audience. For me “Pinoy income pages” & “funny pages” worked better. Usually pages with young audience gets better results. Since young people are very eager to learn ways to make some extra money.

How exactly do i post my link on facebook ?

First grab you website link by following the procedure explained above. Then go to the facebook page and post your link in the comment with an eye catching title which should look something like this.


This is just an example, you can write your eye catching titles in your own words and post your link in the comments section. Once you post it take a few moments before you comment your link on the other posts. If you do it very quickly like paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, then facebook will most likely block you from making comments.

Now I tried it with many pages and I found that pages with younger audience get me better results. I’m not going to mention any facebook pages here, you have to do your own research and find pages which works for you. Now you might be thinking how many referrals i got by trying this method. To be very honest I tried this method and got an average around 8 referrals a day after posting my link on more than 50 pages and 200 posts, it took me almost 1 hour daily. But guess what, these referrals were free and didn’t cost me anything except time.

Important: The results were better for clixsense because facebook have a lot of mobile users and clixsense allows both desktop and mobile members, on the other hand neobux results were little less because neobux only allows desktop sign ups.

Referrals activity: The referrals which you get from facebook are usually inactive, however if you are promoting clixsense and gets 8-10 referrals a day there will be atleast 10-20% of them will remain active for the first 10 days. This means no matter what, if the referrals reamins active for the first 10 days, you will get a decent sign up bonus of $0.1-$0.25 per sign up.

referrals from facebook

I’ll keep posting new ways of getting referrals every week, Good Luck with you referrals hunting.



    1. you are welcome zidan, I will keep posting new ways of getting direct referrals every week. Stay tuned and share with your friends.

    1. No this is geniuely legit. As long as you attach your referral name properly. It will link to your own. I’ve only had a total of 3 referrals so far altogether. 2 clixsense, 1 neobux.

      Just click the “click here” link after you’ve done it, to test. and it will go straight to your page. Like if you attach your name to the clickpack one, and then click that link on the page… you will actually get a “yes, the link with your username is correct” message on neobux.

      I’ve similiar test the same before with clixsense and “”, it will work fine with the campaigns too. So you can do that “&[name]” thingy after your refer number …wait about 10 minutes, and you will see a registered click (your own) in your stats.

  1. please tell me how to insert link into text to post on facebook. please tell me the html method to insert link into the text.

    1. The procedure has been explained clearly how to make comments on fb in the post. However if you have any doubts you can search on youtube and you will find tons of tutorial videos.

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