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How to buy Apple Google & Amazon stocks online

How to buy Apple Google & Amazon stocks online in less than 5 minutes

Step 1: Click on the above button and create a free account at 

Step 2: Login to your webtrader platform and search for the stock you wants to buy Apple, Google, Facebook or any other stock. If you have any doubts watch this video below.

Step 3: Never invest all your money on one stock because you may lose big time if it goes against your prediction. As warren buffet said “never put all your eggs in one basket”.

If you want to buy Apple, Facebook or Google stock but doesn’t have $100,000 (hundred thousands dollars to invest). Don’t worry, you can still buy stocks with as low as $200. If you are a student of working doesn’t matter. There are brokers which offers online trading platforms where you can manage your portfolio for free.

Furthermore, you can borrow money from the trading platform and see other people’s portfolio’s and profiles to copy their trades and play safe.

I have used many trading platforms such options, online trading, offline trading, mobile trading etc,. but most of those aren’t user friendly. If you want to buy a stock at x price or sell it at y price you have to call your broker on wall street and ask them to execute your order. This is old fashion, the best way to do it your self is by use online platform. But again there are hundreds of online platforms which offers online trading  platforms.

After using many online trading platforms, i found some of them very user friendly. If I have to recommend 1 I would say etoro is the most user friendly platform where you can see other peoples trading and copy what they are doing. This will save your time and help you trade safely.
They also offer leverage of x10 on stocks and x400 on forex currencies. However, i won’t recommend you to use more than x2 on stocks and x10 on currencies. This is basically borrowing money from the broker and using it to trade, when you use x10 leverage on your trading you can trade for $1000 when you only have $100. When the stock goes up to down according to your trade of buy or sell you will either make x10 more money or lose. So please be carefull with the leverage thing.

So, How to buy Apple, Facebook and Google stocks online

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