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9 Amazingly high paying part-time jobs in demand

Are you tired of making pennies with clixsense/neobux PTC sites.
Here are the top 9 Jobs which can help you get a handsome salary.

Rideshare driver: Drivers earn about 15-45$ an hour depending upon the location. For this job you’ll need a reliable vehicle, smartphone and to have a clear background. Drivers still making good money, Harry Campbell, publisher of told Time magazine. “Generally, the bigger the city, the higher the pay”. He says drivers makes more money during weekends. Best of all, this jobs offers amazing flexibility. [View jobs]

Web designer: Web designers can earn between $20-$150 per hour. However, this job requires a highly incredible set of skills. If you are not a geek who can work all day long in front of a computer, you better skip application process for this job. But, if you have programming skills. Then apply now [View jobs]

Translator: Translation work vary between $15/hr on the low end to $65/hr. Before all you multi-lingual keeners start putting deposits down on Tuscan villas, remember that translation can be much more challenging than it seems, requiring a strong mastery of two languages. If you think you can do this job, better start applying now.[View jobs]

Waiter: Waiters job pays the bills. Its very difficult to average out the hourly pay for waiters. It basically depends upon the restaurant, city, country etc., A typical waiter in a moderate neibourhood will around $20 per hour. However, a bar waitress reported that she made over $100,000 a year. [View jobs] See also: Confessions of the $100,000 waitress.

Bartender: This is a very similar type of job than a waiter/waitress. A lot of bartenders can make about $1000 working three nights a week. [View jobs]

Editor/Writer: Writes with decent reputation can earn up to $40-$60 per hour. It all depends upon the reputation. If the writer has a very good rating, he/she can set their own rate. Some editors make around 100$ an hour depending upon the sensitivity of the work. Freelance writers are booming since the internet blogging trend gone viral.[View jobs]

Tutor: If you are passionate about an particular subject at school, such as maths, science, french, german etc,. you can put this work up and help out kids who are struggling through school. I know people with great set of skills and knowledge about the subject charge 27$ an hour [View jobs]

Fitness instructor: Gymming is one of the modern cultural trend of our society. If you are a fitness wiz or enjoys to share your knowledge about fitness. This jobs can make you a fortune. Generally personal trainers charge $30/hr. However, if you could impress a wealthy customer, you can make around $75-$100 hour. This jobs requires a certification, one can’t just become trainer over the night. So hold your horses.

Dog Walker: Having great communication with human’s best friend can make you a decent pay check at the end of the week. Generally dog walkers earn around 14-18$ an hour. But again this is just an avg amount. If you are good with dogs, then you can get a rich customer who can pay you as much as you desire in the range of $20-$50. Wealthy people spends thousands of dollars on their dogs.

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