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How I making $13+ everyday in clixsense

So, before I tell you how. Let me just show you how much I’m making a day on clixsense just through the commissions from my referrals and literally nothing else.

The below image is the proof of my Avg/day earnings in clixsense.

So, basically I get all this money from my active direct Referrals. If you wanna know How i got these referrals click here




  1. Thanks Admin for the free upgrade and the complete guide to increase direct referrals.
    This is not a scam and i got my premium for free within 2 days.

    For those who already have a sponsor but get no support from them , open a ticket and ask support to change your sponsor saying that he is not active and doesn’t support you, it Worked for me.

    1. Hello jusbuxonline!! Thank for acknowledging our authenticity here. We are pleased to help people who have the potential to do good. We want to let everyone know that if you become our referral and didn’t got the premium membership yet, please be patient we receiving high volume of requests and we cannot upgrade all of them over night. However, i would like to advice them if you all do offers and tasks as many as you can, It can make the process of upgrading ever faster.

    2. hello im very interested with your comment and will like you to give me details because my sponsor doesn’t mind me even wen i have a problem . i will liked you to guide me change my sponsor . thnk You

    1. Hello naveen,
      If you already have an sponsor there’s only one thing you can do, Do as many offers and tasks you can complete and thats the only way you can make 17$ quickly.


  2. Hi,
    I am so glad, I came across this page… I didn’t knew that my sponsor was actually inactive. I got him changed to clickpakcom. I have sent the mail also requesting up gradation….Looking forward to become a premium member soon. will post again , once its done…


    1. Hello anshisharma, we are glad that you become our referral. We will make you premium soon if you stay active for the coming weeks. However we are instantly making premium member to those who’s completing offers and doing tasks, so that we can make quick return from them and help others to upgrade. So far we made 21 premium members.

  3. Olá adm eu nao consigo abrir o e-book a revista da estraTEGIA PARA REFERIDOS , diz que esta violado e que nao pode abrir oconteudo. O que esta avendo.Mim manda uma nova revista por favor e que possa abrir. abraço.

  4. hi admin,
    .. the problem with my account is that i m frequently checking my account but i m not receiving any tasks ..what may be the reasons for this?? ..though to make up the for the disadvantage i m filling surveys and completing offers daily ..will it help me to become premium member through you??

    1. Hello Hitesh,
      If you remain active we will surely make you premium soon, however we’re choosing people who are doing more offers and tasks which brings us more commission. This way we can make more people premium in the coming days. If you not receiving tasks you can post it on clixsense forum or send a ticket to clixsense.

      1. hola administracion tengo patrocinador pero no tengo la opcion de escribirle un correo me sale opcion privada, se puede hacer algo para cambiar de patocinador

  5. hello i would like to become a premium member so, can i delete my standard account and sign up again and come back under you. at moment i have cash in my account to buy premium membership. if i can do that how do i cash out and close my account.



    1. Hello Richard Malone,
      There is only one way to know if you can come under my downline is by asking clixsense. You can send a support ticket to clixsnese and ask the same. Hope they will transfer you under my downline. Also if you want to cashout you just click on cashout and follow the instructions and you will get paid.

  6. Hello , I am a great member , I have said , I am active and doing research , tasks and clicks. I put you today as my window , I have to wait 15 days even ? even if a large member ?

    1. Hello jorge, I see you in our downline. If you sort referrals by earnings you comes 47th referral to upgrade. We are upgrading those members first who does more offers and clicks everday. However we will try to make it quick since you got 15 referrals in your downline. If you want us to upgrade you sooner keep doing offers and clicks everday and beat those 47 members who doing better than you..

  7. Now I have request to put me under the downline of the user with username: ” clickpakcom “. hope you will help me to become premium Member and how to become premium in Neobux please guide me

    1. If you done everthing right then please be active and complete offers.. We will make you premium soon… Moreover for neobux there’s only one way to become golden member which is by playing adprizes.

    1. Hello suresh,
      If you did everything right then please be patient and wait for your turn. We first making premium to those members whos doing maximum amount of offers and clicking ads everyday.. This way we can make more number or premium members in future.

    1. You are around 86th on our list. The best way to come up fast is by completing as many offers as you can. We are making 1 premium member in 4 days aprox. If you come up fast you will become premium soon. Good luck with offers.


  8. hey sir need help i am a clixsense user and my problem is:– no tasks are available what to do pls tell me sir?

    1. hello niteesh,
      So far we have made 41 premium members we are constantly working on this.. Please have patience.
      If you want to become premium member soon, you have to do alot of offers and tasks everyday to move up in the list.

  9. my sponsor is i cant become premium member for there any chance to put me under the downline of clipackcom?

    1. Hello, Just send a support ticket to clixsense and ask them to put you under the downline on “clickpakcom” and you will get in the list..

    1. Hello, Just send a support ticket to clixsense and ask them to put you under the downline on “clickpakcom” and you will get in the list..

    1. Hello, Just send a support ticket to clixsense and ask them to put you under the downline on “clickpakcom” and you will get in the list..

  10. Hello, i’ve been a clixsense member for long time but I just noticed that I dont have sponsor anymore so I I can send a ticket to join under you.
    Question 1: are my active referrals get affected if I do this? will they still stay?

    Question 2: Can I upgrade by my own and get a cashback from you? Because I dont want to wait to be upgraded, coz I know it benefits a lot of being upgraded.

    Thank you

    1. Answer 1: No, it won’t effect your referrals in anyway.
      Answer 2: Sorry we don’t pay people for upgrades, however if you are ready to become premium member with your own money. We will refund you the $2 commission that we get after you upgrade. We can send payments through paypal .


      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Sounds good to me since one of them is a premium member and very active. Ok I will let you know once I joined under you. I would prefer for the free upgrade from you. 😛

        Thank you

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