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10 Legit paying sites online since at-least last one year

Hello folks, today you are going to know how to multiply your daily earning by registering for few new ptc sites. Some of these sites are in the business for about last 7 years and some are just about one year old. Considering you might already be a member of some of these sites. It is highly recommended to join all the top 10 paying sites to multiply your earnings by atleast x5 times.

The list of the top 10 sites can be found on this website

If you have want to multiply your earnings by doing the same thing that you were doing every day. This is your best shot to make some extra. Also some the best thing about new sites is to get direct referrals. Its always easier to get direct referrals for new ptc sites since most of the people aren’t register for it yet.

How much can I earn with these sites ?

Lets do the math together. Considering you might already registered for any one or two sites from the list of sites. It is highly possible you must be make about 0.4-0.9$ a day depending upon your country, daily activity, available tasks and offers. However, if you sign up for all the 10 sites, you’ll be able to make x5 times more.

0.4 x 5 = $2/day

2 x 7 = $14/week

14 x 4 = $56/month

This is just one example, you can multiply what ever you are making by 5 times.

CLICK HERE to see the list of top 10 legit paying sites.

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